Weekly Market Analysis – Week 34 (19th to 23rd Aug 2019)

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The inverted yield curve dominated the headlines the past week. But should we be worried or even panic to escape from the market? Here is why I think there is no need to panic yet……

Following the previous week, it’s 2 weeks of indecision and volatility. Last week ending 16th Aug we saw the market bounce and then only to tank mid week and then close slightly up.

The market was jolted by the yield curve inversion across various markets globally. Personally, I think that there is not much to be worried regarding the inversion. Paying more attention to how the yield curve shifts would give a more solid conclusion as to looking at the inversion itself.

In this week’s video, you can expect to discover the turning points of major markets around the world, yield curve analysis & the where are the strength in the market now…

Here are the annotated charts in the video:

S&P 500

Key Levels: 2940 / 2840

DAX 30

Key Levels: 11800 / 11100

Hang Seng

Key Levels: 26250 / 24580

Straits Times Index (STI)

Key Levels: 3140 / 3060