Jay Tun is an Equity & Derivatives Trader based in Singapore. With a keen interest in the business of trading & investing, he followed his passion and embarked on his trading journey since 2009. Reading dozens of trading books and attending numerous training programs, he found consistency and has been trading independently for the last 10 years.

He began trading USA’s market actively since 2011 and is well-versed in Equities, Options & Indices trading. Having traded each of the markets extensively, he built his trading philosophy on the concept of consistency that has allowed him to take advantage of repeatable edges in the markets. While largely a trend follower, his portfolio is a combination of selling options premium and momentum swings on equities & indices.

Training & Education

In early 2012, he was part of the coaching team with the one of the leading trading tutorials in Singapore where he was given the opportunity to host numerous graduates’ gathering in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. During his tenure, Jay was also tasked with conducting part of an extension class, sharing his Cyclical Analysis approach with the hundreds of graduates in attendance.

In 2015, Jay founded the 3MT Tutorial (currently re-branded as Swim Trading Tutorial) to provide a “no-fluff & no-nonsense” education for his students in both Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam.

The tutorial equips student with an in-depth understanding of the “forces” behind the market (macroeconomics), rule-based setups that use elaborate tools of analysis (TA FA CA), an extensive reinforcement of prudent money management strategies; and most importantly a defensive psychology to approach the market.

Certified Trainer

In 2016, Jay obtained the Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment by WDA Singapore, and is now an ACTA Certified trainer. He actively uses adult learning principles & methodologies to facilitate his training sessions; making it a fun and immersive experience for his trainees.