3MT Private Mentoring Program

Do you aspire to carve out a secondary income stream by trading the financial markets but has been exposed to too much hype and fluff in existing seminars, promising you a way to “get rich quick”?

If you believe the first step for anyone to become a consistent profitable trader is EDUCATION, then you are in the right place. 

Who am I?

Hi, I am Jay Tun.

Don’t be misled by my photo. I am not a professional trader and I don’t lead a “multi-million dollar” lifestyle. Like 80% of the population here, I live in a HDB flat.

But I have never been in full-time employment right out of college. I sustain my livelihood via trading the financial markets.

I studied many trading books and scrutinized numerous trading courses, only to find out the hard way of what works and what doesn’t after applying them to the real world of trading.

Since then, I have been trading the financial markets and have built consistent results using various instruments (Options, Equities, Futures, CFDs & Currencies).

And here I am, with an enlightened perspective of the business of trading with the sole aim of helping fellow retail traders find their bearing, so that they can too become a consistent and profitable trader.

You must be wondering, am I worth the continued investment of your time? For most people, my answer is NO.

Reason #1: I cannot help you to get rich quick.

The lure of easy money is the NO.1 REASON why most people are attracted to the business of trading. I got to admit, I succumbed to this lure too in 2010 and this got me started on my trading journey.

I expected trading to be easy, thinking that I would be able to make a monthly salary of a graduate by sitting in front of my computer and clicking a mouse!

Only then, I found out that it wasn’t easy at all.

If you are not prepared to commit to the amount of effort required, I am afraid I cannot help you.

Reason #2: I cannot put a “graduation” date to your trading journey.

I always get these questions – “How fast am I able to quit my job?” and “Can I do it within the next 3 months?”. In other words,  “I need a get-rich-quick solution and I am hoping trading can replace my frustration with my full-time job”.

As much as I want to tell you it’s doable, I cannot. Trading requires HARD WORK. Period.

Your earning potential is limitless in trading. To achieve that requires tremendous EFFORT on your end.

How fast you can “graduate” is dependent on you, not me. I can only accelerate your learning curve.

Why personalized coaching but not a weekend seminar?

Simply put, there is no way you can truly learn with a “standard” weekend seminar.

Personalized coaching provides a tailored solution for you. I will find out your needs before designing a syllabus around them.

Of course, the syllabus will be dynamic and interactive to equip you with exactly what you require to understand the financial markets, and more importantly, trade the market with confidence. 

What can you expect from this Mentorship Program?

  • Understand the role of Macroeconomics in shaping the sentiment of the market and how this sentiment can create or destroy trading opportunities.

  • Comprehensive tools for analysis to help you evaluate and identify opportunities in the market, not your typical FA & TA.

  • Making use of Cyclical Analysis (CA) to identify highly reliable yet low risk trading opportunities on a consistent basis.

  • Rule-based setups to guide you towards consistent profitability, leaving nothing to chance.

  • Different trading styles to suit trades of different time frames, excellent even if you are holding a full-time job.

  • Hands-on training to ensure you are familiar with the research and trade process, not just the theory of it.

  • Personalized coaching with undivided attention to cater to your utmost learning needs.

  • Graduates-only forum support and exclusive follow-up class (Gathering) every quarter.

  • ALL IN ALL a no BS, no fluff and no-nonsense education.

***Complete syllabus only discussed upon interview.

Can you prove what you said?

Here are what graduates of the Mentorship Program have to say:

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How do I apply for the Mentorship Program?

3 Step Process:

  1. Trader’s Profile

  2. Profile Review (Interview)

  3. Commencement of Mentorship Program

First, I will need to know your needs. Hence, help me to understand you better by filling up the profiling form here.

Upon receiving your profile results, I will require a face-to-face meetup to review the profile results and discuss the details of the Mentorship Program.

Finally, commencement of Mentorship Program.

I am sure you have many burning questions. Reach out to me and I am more than glad to answer them!

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