Market Update

Friday – 26th Oct – AMC / Weekly Wrap
“ Equities showed indecision in the early going after Apple (AAPL 604.00, -5.54) and Amazon (AMZN 238.24, +15.32) delivered disappointing results, while the first
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DMA – Break
The Daily Market Analysis will be break for 2 days due to work commitments. It will resume with a weekly
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Wednesday – 24th Oct – AMC
“ Stocks began the session on an upbeat note, but the bullish sentiment was dispelled in the opening minutes. The
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Tuesday – 23rd Oct – AMC
“ Equities began the session with an opening sell-off as disappointing earnings combined with Moody’s downgrade of five Spanish regions
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Monday – 22nd Oct – AMC
“ Stocks got off to a quiet start as mixed quarterly reports continued to pour in. Indecision was apparent in
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Friday – 19th Oct – AMC / Weekly Wrap
“ Today’s session was dominated by the sellers as disappointing third quarter earnings continued to roll in. Equities opened lower,
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